Who is
MyCISO by Fresh Security

  • Those who need to get in shape before a cyber insurance renewal

  • Those who wonder why they are buying yet another ‘silver bullet’ security product

  • Those who are tired of security being buzzword bingo, constantly shifting goals, and fear tactics from vendors

  • Those who know people are more important than computers

  • Those who want to show security due care

  • Those who are curious about what a hacker sees about their business

  • Those who believe there is a better way

It's for those who know cybersecurity is essential but can't be all-consuming.

Who is
MyCISO by Fresh Security
NOT for?

  • people who prefer security style over substance

  • people looking for a silver bullet security solution. Sorry they don’t exist.

  • people who want 3 scopes of AI and a dash of blockchain. (We use AI and blockchain, but it’s not a reason to work with us… the best reason is that you’ll become more secure.)

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