Fresh Security

Fresh Security + NEDonBoard

NEDonBoard has partnered with Fresh Security to offer its members a cyber security and data protection service. Any NEDonBoard members can enrol at no cost.

Fresh Security partners with NEDonBoard

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What are the benefits?

  • Receive actionable insights into your exposure and that of the organisation on which you serve
  • Identify your co-workers most at risk to be targeted in a cyber attack (it may be you!)
  • Leverage the information to protect yourself and your organisation and reduce the risk of cyber attacks
  • Constructively challenge your board for your organisation to be operationally resilient

Why is this important?

The global cyber threat evolves at a rapid pace, with a rising number of data breaches every year. Non-executive directors and board members are high profile, easily identified and named through publicly available information. They may be targeted as individuals or gateway to corporate systems, data and information.

We strongly encourage you to sign-up. This is a complimentary value-add service that comes with your NEDonBoard membership.

Some Companies Who Already Know

Clifton High School
Canford Summer School
Heathside Prep School
Earlscliffe School