Fresh Security

A New Way to Understand your Risk

A security service that provides a hacker’s view of you and your business. That's the idea behind Fresh Security. We talk to you as a human - without jargon - and provide you with clear actionable insights in real time. So you can stop attacks before they start.

Fresh Security help SME understand their cyber risk.

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Actionable Insights

Simple risk dashboard

At Fresh Security, we are the only company that enables you to:

  • Discover in real time, sensitive data about your business and team that has been leaked
  • Visualise security hotspots in your business
  • Share risk reports to highlight risks that matter
  • Continuously benchmark your business performance to your industry
  • Gain insights into your team member's performance
  • Receive a prioritised list of actions that mitigate the most severe risks immediately
  • Approve simple security actions for your team to complete without wasting or duplicating effort
  • Reduce the time it takes to secure stolen accounts
  • Track your team's progress in completing security tasks
  • Educate your team about security breaches
Actions to reduce risk for SME, company, orgs, and charities.

What People
Are Saying

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Fresh Security allows us to focus on who we provide extra cybersecurity training to. It means our budget goes further and is more effectively spent.

Lynda Freeman

Rethink Mental Illness

We were surprised by how simple it was to work with Fresh Security. Especially the remarkably simple way to start using the product.

James Webber

Clifton High School

Fresh Security costs less than my team's coffee budget.

Why we care...

About us

Straightforward security, without the jargon

We believe security should be easy and straightforward. Security services should be easy to use and consume. They should report on things that matter, and help businesses focus on building a strong security foundation. Put simply - it's about getting security fundamentals right with minimal effort and no business impact. We believe all of this can be achieved in a service that is commercially viable for everyone... so that's why we're building Fresh Security.

It's time for the security industry to change, and start focusing on customers - not the latest whizz-bang technical theory that doesn't help protect your sensitive data or your team. Join us on this journey, today.

Gorav Arora

Gorav Arora

Joseph Pindar

Joseph Pindar