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Like Cybersecurity,
But Simple

Uncover your security gaps and fix them.

Get all the advice of an in-house expert security team, without the cost.

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Not Problems

The media shows you all the security problems - ransomware, hackers, cyberwar...

...but none of the answers.

So, where do you start? How do you manage cybersecurity risk? What’s effective?

We believe cybersecurity should be effortless.

It's about getting the brilliant basics right with no business impact.

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If I had known about Fresh Security 4 years ago, I would have had a clearer understanding of what needs to be protected and how. I would have spent £200k less and have been more secure.”


Managing Partner - Lester Aldridge

Cybersecurity for
Everyone, Everywhere

Start by finding the security gaps in your team’s behaviour and the technology you use.

We’ll help you prioritise your security risks and advise on your most urgent fixes.

Discover your biggest security risks and how to fix your most urgent issues.

Unique advice for your business and situation. It’s how you create a positive security culture, effective business processes, and get cybersecurity under control.

MyCISO by Fresh Security.

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My IT team have thanked me for the specific, concrete, and actionable advice Fresh Security provides. It makes securing our schools and consulting companies an achievable task..”


Finance Director - Dukes Education Group

Cybersecurity Advice

Uncover Your Top 3 Priorities

Limiting the scope makes fixes achievable. And your team will always be creating the most significant impact.

Tailored Business Processes

Learn where to make tiny changes to what you already do to reduce your risk.

Jargon-Free Conversations

Have conversations with humans - providing executives with oversight and IT teams with the detail needed to make changes.

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Fresh Security’s quiet, persistent nudging is what we need. There’s always another competing priority so it’s great that we don’t miss these actions..”


IT Operations - Law firm

What to Expect From
Fresh Security

  • A 1-stop shop to understand how a hacker sees your business.

  • Cybersecurity advisor - to tell you the highest impact changes needed

  • Careful communications - to help your team make changes & provide you with oversight

It’s cybersecurity, but simple.

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What People Are

It is refreshing to find a service that supports and talks to you as a human, without jargon. Fresh Security supports me in my role of Head of Compliance to identify people and accounts that have been compromised.

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Head of Compliance - Fix Auto

Fresh Security allows us to focus on who we provide extra cybersecurity training to. It means our budget goes further and is more effectively spent.

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Senior IT Service Manager - Rethink Mental Illness

Fresh Security costs less than my team's coffee budget.

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Director of IT - Royds Withy King

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