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One of the greatest things we receive from the Fresh Security community is feedback. Lists of problems that – if fixed - would make life just a little bit easier. Earlier this year we heard from Dukes Education:

I love Fresh Security, but I manage many different schools. Do I really need to log in to multiple different dashboards? Can’t I have a single pane of glass?

Now you can see the results from all the different schools, companies, or sub-divisions that you look after - all in the same place. Our aim is always to get you the information you need, without wasting your time. Not a second of it. So now life is a little bit easier.

What would you suggest to make your life easier? We’d love to know.

If you look after a group of people that aren’t covered by Fresh Security, and who would benefit from knowing their highly visible people are. Or who should know their personal and sensitive information is available to hackers… Let us know, and we’ll add them to Fresh Security today.

PS: It feels strange writing this in the last days of May – where has the year gone? For good and bad, 2020 is moving fast.

May 31, 2020
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