Fresh Thoughts #80: Cybersecurity is an Infinite Game

Stars and Space are infinite.

To infinity... and beyond.

Cybersecurity is an Infinite Game

I first heard of Simon Sinek from his 2009 TED Talk - How great leaders inspire action

The video of three concentric faded blue circles on a tatty flip chart has been viewed over 150 million times, leading to his million-copy book - Start with Why

His ideas of how Apple speaks differently about their products:

  • starting with their belief system
  • how they deliver their products
  • only then talking about what they do

have inspired countless startups and business consultants.

Ten years later, Simon published [The Infinite Game].

Business is an Infinite Game

Business is not like chess.

Playing chess is about getting to the end, playing by fixed rules and winning.

Chess is a finite game.

In contrast - business is an infinite game.
One where the goal is to carry on playing tomorrow.
People enter with their own strategies anytime - and the rules or laws are "permeable"… (Uber etc.)

The book's core message is that business leaders should stop thinking about who wins or is the best.
Instead, they should think about how to build and sustain strong and healthy organisations for the long term.

Cybersecurity is an Infinite Game

Last week I was sent a short video - Cybersecurity is an infinite game.
There is no winning cybersecurity.

New malware, exploits, vulnerabilities, and techniques will continue to appear. New cybercrime groups will form and become notorious.
There is no stopping it.

The only goal is to be in business - so you can play tomorrow.

"Keep on keeping on."

Talk to anyone who has worked in cybersecurity for years - and they will agree with Simon's sentiment.
Few will be able to articulate it in the way Simon has, but the sentiment will resonate.

It's why people who have spoken with me over the last few years will have heard - "Cybersecurity is a cost of doing business. Just like finance, HR and legal advice. So treat it as such."

However, thanks to Simon, I now have a new way of communicating the same message.

Cybersecurity is an infinite game.

August 22, 2023
2 Minutes Read

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