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Fresh Security case study from Fix Auto.

Fix Auto UK was an early Fresh Security customer. In January 2020 they published an article in their company magazine explaining why they chose Fresh Security to franchisees. Here are Gary Churcher's (Fix Auto's) views on the Fresh Security service:

Finally, a hacker’s view of our world

Details of new levels of cybersecurity protection for all Fix Auto UK franchisees by Gary Churcher

The ability for a hacker to compromise your business or your personal life has never been so easy. Jason Hart showed this with great effect at our 2018 National Conference when he shocked the audience in carrying out a live hacking demonstration.

At Fix Auto UK, we take cybersecurity seriously and – more importantly – we understand the value of our data and customers. One issue with implementing cybersecurity is that historically it has been complicated and expensive. What’s more, it can negatively impact the way we wish to run our businesses. To help solve these challenges, Fix Auto UK has signed up to a new and unique approach to understanding the risks that threaten everyone who touches and connects with Fix Auto UK.

In November 2019 Fix Auto UK signed up to Fresh Security (, a security service that provides a hacker’s view of Fix Auto UK and our partners. In my opinion, it is refreshing to find a service that supports and talks to you as a human, without jargon. Fresh Security supports me in my role of Head of Compliance to identify people and accounts that have been compromised across the Fix Auto UK business... in real time. What’s more, it’s a security solution that provides me with the visibility that I require to understand the risk and vulnerable employees in my business, without all the noise and assumed technical knowledge.

The team at Fresh Security believe security should be easy and straightforward to use and consume. Of course, we should all report on things that matter, and help all our franchisees focus on building a strong security foundation. Put simply, it’s about getting security fundamentals right, with minimal effort and no business impact. They believe all of this can be achieved in a service that is commercially viable for everyone.

Fresh Security is an early-stage UK start-up that is getting significant global attention. At Fix Auto UK, we already see the value of the service to help us reduce our risks.

All Fix Auto UK networks that have have automatically enrolled into the Fresh Security service. However, if you are aware of any businesses that you work with and could benefit from the service, please spread the word.

This genuinely is a cybersecurity service that any business can sign up to simply, and at a price that any company can afford.

Fix Auto Case Study for Fresh Security

February 5, 2020
2 Minutes Read

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