Fresh Thoughts #87: IT is Disposable... In a Good Way

Child with paper and pencils

IT is Disposable... In a Good Way

There's a delicate balance that no one talks about before becoming a parent.
The balance between reverence, enthusiasm and wall space.

For the last month, my daughter has attended Creation Station.
"A space for young creators to explore art and creativity".
...a steady stream of (large) new creations.

Last week was a picture of an aquarium with a moving fish.
The week before, a tractor with muddy tires.

Then comes the thought spiral...
She spent time and effort creating the work.
It is unique.
It's special.
It can't be replaced.
Let's keep it.
Let's display it.

First, it was on the fridge.
Then it was onto the walls.

The crux of the problem is that the pictures are craft.
Craft has friction.
It's not easy to dispose of.
We become invested in the effort - not the outcome.

Craft is the first step to technical debt and inertia in tech and IT.
The sunk cost fallacy.
"But we've invested so much.
We only need a little bit more to get back to break even."

In IT - craft is bad.

I thought of this recently as keys started popping off my laptop's keyboard.
It resulted from an over-zealous application of contact cleaner and an air duster.

But my laptop is a tool.
It is not special.
It is not unique.
The data is backed up - and can be restored to any machine.
The hard drive is encrypted - so I can leave it to be repaired.
A temporary (or permanent) replacement - no issue.
It is disposable.

For the artwork, we came up with a process.
Our daughter selects her favourite pieces for the wall.
The other works head into an archive box - "just like a museum does".
...the archive box is "thinned out" as memories fade.

October 16, 2023
2 Minutes Read

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