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Welcome to the first Fresh Security update of 2020!

Firstly - WOW 😮. You are awesome. We've received early access requests from over 100 businesses. What makes that extra special is they have all come from you - our community. All of those requests have come from you talking to your friends and industry peers. That is truly amazing. Thank you.

We're focusing on the things you've asked for... 💬

Since launching our preview service in December, we've learnt an incredible amount from our early access customers. Big thank you to Ben at Royds Withy King and Gary at FixAuto.

We think it's essential that we take your great ideas and feedback, and add them into the Fresh Security service. But where to start? How to prioritise?

We've been asking our preview customers if they would like direct involvement in where we go as a company. Due to the fantastic response, we have decided to launch our transparent roadmap. This shows you what we're thinking about and working on. More importantly, you can have a say and upvote items on the board.

Since launching our preview service, we've been working on the most popular ideas. Like providing more data on the dashboard and adding an automated guided tour to explain what the different parts of the dashboard mean.

What's coming next? 📋

We're working on more cool ideas right now! If you’d like to see what these are, head to the transparent roadmap and vote for your favourite features. We're really excited to be working on weekly reports... Just imagine a world in which you have your own personal Chief Risk and Security Officer. The first step is coming - soon...😃

There's also plenty of operational work going on in the background. We're learning lots about how we do things - our processes. These are the details that will mean we can always provide the Fresh Security service at a price that is accessible to everyone.

Getting access to the Fresh Security Preview 🔓

Some of you have asked how to get access to Fresh Security more quickly. We hear you. We'll be launching a referral programme that will allow you to jump the queue and give you free access to Fresh Security. We're working on the details.

We know that lots of you have been waiting, so we're sorry that this isn't news that we're speeding up. We think we'll have a chance at building something you'll love if we take some time to focus now, so thank you so much for bearing with us!

As always, we'd love to know what you think and if you have any feedback. Please reach out to us on social media or directly.

January 31, 2020
2 Minutes Read

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