Fresh Thoughts #18: Policies, Plans and Bad Weather

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If you spend enough time outside in bad weather, you learn storms have shapes. Small storms - squalls - can float right by you and not put a drop of rain on your head.

Part of navigating a boat is going around storms - no need to get wet unnecessarily. That's the role of the captain.

Creating the plan. Navigating the storms - and ending up at the destination.

In business, there's also a plan. But unlike a boat with a rudder and propulsion, there isn't a mechanical way to translate the plan into action.

In business, we use policies.

Policies are equal parts of what we will do and what we won't.

They're a communication tool.

Of all the infinite possibilities, here are the lines our business will work within.

Lines to work within… not a list of exact steps.

They're way markers.

In cybersecurity policies…

  • Do apply software patches within 14 days.
  • Don't share passwords and logins between people.

“How are we going to achieve this?” is of no concern.

But remember, policies need wiggle room for creativity - to complete the plan and reach the destination.

June 7, 2022
1 Minutes Read

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