Fresh Thoughts #10: Risk is Not Unique & A Rotten Analogy

open rotten door in a decaying house

Risk Is Not Unique

For some reason, cybersecurity folks seem to think they have a unique view of risk.

But any business owner, investor or accountant knows - there are many types of risks we see in everyday life.

Credit risk

Compliance risk

Counter-party risk

Country risk

Political risk

Foreign exchange risk

Inflationary risk

Interest rate risk

Liquidity risk

Market risk

Operational risk

Reputational risk

Risk is not unique to cybersecurity.

A Rotten Analogy

A vulnerability is like your front door with a rotten door frame.

The vulnerability is exploited.

The door frame fails.

Your computer is infected with malware.

Your front door is on the ground.

You restore the computer without the malware, but don't apply any security updates.

You prop your door back up, covering the hole where your front door used to hang.

The computer gets exploited again.

The door is on the floor again.

You wouldn't treat your home and front door like this.

This is why applying security patches is essential.

April 12, 2022
1 Minutes Read

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