Fresh Thoughts #74: We built Fresh Security on a Foundation of Sustainability

Two children climbing trees

We built Fresh Security on a foundation of sustainability.

From the view that cybersecurity needs to be part of simple, business-as-usual flows.
That can be repeated.
The day after.
And the day after that...

Consistency is all that matters.
Post every day.
Post every week.

That's why we automate as much as possible.
Once set, automation can sustain - until it's stopped.

But people.
People need breaks.

That's why - this week - you'll find me in a forest.
Somewhere in the south of England.
Away from my phone and laptop.
Spending time with my family.

Next week I'll be back.
Leveraging automated processes.
And making sure the Fresh Security team has time to pause.

July 11, 2023
1 Minutes Read

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