Fresh Thoughts #3: When Cyber Threats Are “Imminent” What Do You Do?

Storm at sea

When cyber threats are “imminent” what do you do?

When cyber threats are “imminent”, what do you do?

In the hour before the big event - when everything is ready... what do you do?

On Friday, as Storm Eunice prepared to ravage and rage, I found myself staring out the window.

You feel you have to do something, but what is productive? How do you keep your fingers active to pass the time?

When cyber threats are “imminent”, I often feel the same. What do you do? You can't suddenly make changes or start rebuilding.

You have a plan. Stick to it.

Check the basics.

✅ Systems are getting patched.

✅ Logins only have access to what they need.

✅ Backups of critical systems and data are automatic. And they happened.

✅ Defences are working.

✅ Logging and monitoring are working.

Make a cup of tea.

It's going to be ok.

Life is about reasonable security. It will never be about perfect security.

February 22, 2022
1 Minutes Read

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