Who are highly visible people?

'Highly visible people' are the people easiest to identify in your business or school. You need to know who these people are, as they will be the ones hackers will most likely target.

Hackers are predictable. They always start by gathering as much information as possible about your organisation. This can be technical details but is increasingly focussed on the people who work for you.

Once hackers know who works for you, they use two main ways to break into your computers. Firstly, hackers search lists of stolen passwords they can use to get in through the digital front door. Or they use your team's personal information to carry out phishing attacks. Phishing attacks are designed to trick people into revealing even more sensitive information.

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What is a deceptive domain?

A deceptive domain is a domain name that is registered to deceive or confuse. They are often used in fraud and phishing attacks.

Deceptive domains typically fall into 2 main groups:

Typo-squatting is when a domain name is registered with a missing letter, added letter or where one of the letters has been replaced. For example, goog1e.com is registered as a deceptive domain against google.com. (The l is replaced with a 1, which in some fonts looks…

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What is a data breach event?

A data breach event is one time your team’s email and password was lost as part of a data breach. For example, Jane in sales losing her password as part of the LinkedIn data breach.

This information can show that some people in your team have lost passwords in many data breaches. Whereas other team members have lost a password only once. This can help in prioritise who could pose a more significant risk to your organisation.

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Can I send my team their exposed data?

No, not currently. We are working with our customers to understand how their team can best use information from Fresh Security. We would love to have you part of the conversation. If you would be willing to share your view, please leave a comment on our transparent roadmap.

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