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It was New Year’s Eve. Sat in a darkened room, waiting for the children to fall asleep. A spark ignited. We’ve got to do something.

As the chat messages flowed back and forth, the conversation turned to the past year. We agreed - it had sucked. Another year working in big vendor security had been rough. Frustration was boiling over from working in an industry addicted to creating hype instead of solving real problems.

That year was not like the years of meaningful work at GCHQ, the Met Police, and the Serious Organised Crime Agency. Or the years creating the world’s first cloud authentication service. This was not the industry Joe had spent 20 years in, and Jason – 25.

Cyber security is an industry that routinely adds complexity. Choosing to solve technology failures with even more technology. It uses sprinkles of artificial intelligence (AI) to address the information overload it promoted at last year’s industry events. All in the pursuit of adding another zero to the invoice.

Somehow the industry has missed that cyber security is a cost of doing business. It shouldn’t be at the front of everyone’s mind, it should be hidden from view, and just work.

Enough. There had to be a different way.

Fresh Security was founded as a new year’s resolution.

A resolution to listen to customers. Remove the artificial cost barriers of cyber security. To not assume everyone has a computer expert with a PhD waiting to deploy the “simplest” solution.

We resolved to talk to people as humans. To do backflips and go the extra mile – so our customers don’t have to. We’ve said this privately for years, now we are saying it publicly.

So we’ve started at the beginning. Helping you see the world around you – understanding how hackers and cybercriminals see your business. To help you better understand the people you work with, your partners, and the customers you serve.

It’s the first step, on a much larger vision. To be like cyber security, but simple.

We are Fresh Security.


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