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Cost-effective protection. Make cybersecurity Business as Usual.

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Opt for monthly recurring billing or make savings with an annual plan.

Business Plan


£14 per person

Business Plan


£14 per person

Business Plan


£14 per person

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What Our
Customers Are Saying

My IT team have thanked me for the specific, concrete, and actionable advice Fresh Security provides. It makes securing our schools and consulting companies an achievable task.



Finance Director - Dukes Education Group

If I had known about Fresh Security 4 years ago, I would have had a clearer understanding of what needs to be protected and how. I would have spent £200k less and have been more secure.



Managing Partner - Lester Aldridge

Fresh Security allows us to focus on who we provide extra cybersecurity training to. It means our budget goes further and is more effectively spent.



Senior IT Service Manager - Rethink Mental Illness

I already do cyber. Why do I need more?

You don't. Our aim is that your cybersecurity processes are cost-effective and under cost control. We would prefer you to replace two solutions that "kinda work" with one business process you don't pay for.

Why is your pricing so different?

Fresh Security is specifically designed for small and mid-sized companies. Every decision we make is based on our customer's ability to receive great value and better security. We don't feel the need to put an artificial premium on that.

What if I don't see value?

There's no tie-in — your subscription is a rolling monthly agreement. We believe we're an excellent fit for most companies, but we’ll never lock you in with multi-year contracts.

Can I pay annually?

Absolutely! We understand it can be more straightforward for you and your accounts team - so we’re happy to offer it to you. The discount is just an exciting extra.

Why should I trust you?

We believe that trust is earned — by doing what we say, daily. That's why we start by showing you what a hacker sees about your team and providing a no-cost baseline assessment. That way, you can see the way we work without risk.

Can I start small and build up?

Absolutely! The Fresh Security approach is to show focussed, actionable information to your executive team and IT administrators. We know there are only 24 hours in the day, so we'll only ever nudge your team on the most urgent and impactful actions to take.

Will this protect me against ransomware?

There is no silver bullet against ransomware. The solution is to adopt best practice security measures and understand how a hacker sees your business. Fresh Security helps your team implement security processes and fix vulnerabilities, but it will be down to working together to make you more secure. That's why we nudge your team to take action.

What if you can't help?

Then we'll celebrate together. That means that you have brilliant business processes, and cybersecurity is managed in a cost-effective way. That is something to be incredibly proud of.

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