Fresh Security Monthly Update - October 2020

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We had the idea for Fresh Security almost exactly 12 months ago. In case you're not aware, October is cyber security awareness month. We make it a yearly opportunity to take a moment and think about what really matters. How do we do better?

This year we've decided to change and (hopefully) improve the way we do things at Fresh Security. So let's get into it...

CEO office hours

We've said before - our community is awesome. With your help, Fresh Security has grown to over 150 customers monitoring their teams' security. We're humbled by this growth.

The one thing that has been most valuable over the last year is your direct and unfiltered feedback. It's what drives us.

To make sure you always have access, we've started CEO office hours. Every Tuesday at 4-5 pm (UK time) you can book a one-to-one conversation directly with our founders. Use the time to ask any questions, or tell us what you think.

Blogs, blog, blogs

Publishing blogs has been... let's be kind and say "hit and miss". We will do better. In October, we'll be publishing more blogs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The first one went out this morning.

This month's blogs will discuss the most significant data breaches and leaks that impact our customers. It's easy to bombard you with big numbers and jargon about hacks, but we're focused on what impacts you. So we ran the numbers and will be only focusing on the events that matter.


One more thing we'll be trying in October is a weekly video. As a remote-only team (we always have been - did we say?) we're on video calls continuously. As the team has grown, we keep being told: "you should record these calls and share them...". So we're going to try it out. Let's see if it's interesting for the wider community. The plan is to record on a Thursday and publish segments throughout the week.

Customer support

As we have been building Fresh Security, our laser focus has been on delivering value. Not the trappings and trimmings of "big tech" companies. But as with all young fledgelings, there's a time to grow up a little bit. For us, that means add a customer support portal. As the team expands internationally, we can be even more responsive to requests and make sure we are delivering efficiently.

All our customers have access. You'll see a link at the bottom of our emails 👇 or at the bottom of our web pages. It's a little thing, but also another significant milestone. 😀

Let's leave it there for this month. We hope October treats you and yours well. And we hope you enjoy the content we have in store for you this month.


October 5, 2020
2 Minutes Read

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