Time to cut the jargon

📅 November 19, 2019

⏱️1 min read

Communication is what the listener understands. That's it. Plain and simple.

It is not about me… it’s about you. If I say or write something that you don’t understand, that is my fault and my issue to resolve.

Simply put, at Fresh Security we believe that using jargon is dumb. Actively trying to confuse people doesn’t make you seem smarter, it makes you look like an ass. And jokes about ‘patching the user’ are offensive and disrespectful. That is why we don’t do it.

Every time we speak or start to write, we think about what you want to get out of our conversation. So if anything is unclear, please tell us. Please help us get better at communicating with you.

You may be thinking - “Wow. Is that a cybersecurity company caring about what they say and how they say it?”. Yes - odd isn’t it, but this is who we are.